iNEWS Toolsuite

Script Library

iNEWS comes with its own toolset to support automated workflows. However, that feature is fairly limited when it comes to flexible trigger dates and advanced data-processing.

With its interfaces, the iNEWS system can be extended via various platforms. The Linux host system with its versatile shell script interpreter offers a simple and profound option to manipulate and process stories in any way.

The HmediaCommons script library provides often required functions like transfer stories from and into the iNEWS database, date and time conversions, deleting particular stories, rename queues, and much more.

The HmediaCommons script library supports seamlessly all possible host configurations in a dual iNEWS system.


iNEWS comes with an amazing feature to master the timing of an on-air show. However, that tool, the Showtiming, is fenced inside the iNEWS client.

The ClockManager displays those important information anywhere in any size and with multiple style options. You can review multiple rundowns at the same time. That could be the missing link for your Master Control Room. Or you show the clocks of a single rundown on multiple places – in the gallery, in the studio, in the newsroom – no problem.

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The Hmedia PrintManager extends iNEWS by sophisticated layouting capabilities. Via stylesheets, any data stored within a rundown can be placed inside a PDF document at any position in any format. Creating any kind of rundown reports is just one click away.

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Profile Manager

In large iNEWS installations you find often users which work in different roles or for different departments. Ideally they have different iNEWS profiles (toolbars, sessions, color schemes, keyboard macros, etc.) for their various workloads.

The Hmedia Profile Manager addresses that business case.

An administrator can create and maintain multiple profiles for each user. These profiles are saved as iNEWS stories in the user directory. Instead of starting the iNEWS client, the user picks a particular profile in the Hmedia Profile Manager. That profile is then valid for the following iNEWS session.

With the Profile Manager, the user can always choose the perfect environment for his/her next jobs.


Legend comes as a Google-Maps integration for iNEWS. So you can geotag your iNEWS stories.

With Legend, you can allocate individual stories to a country, a region, a city, a street or even more granular. As an add-on, the correct address of the location will be stored along inside the story.

To fully unleash the power of Hmedia Legend, you can start any kind of statistical data mining on your archived rundowns. How often have you been in a particular region during the last month, the last year or any other timeframe? Such questions can be easily answered with the help of Legend once your stories are tagged.

Hmedia Legend integrates as an ActiveX control and stores the asset file access in a production queue in the same fashion as any other MOS plugin.


Uplink keeps important file assets for you stored in an Alfresco Content Repository.

Then, via Uplink, one can link such an asset along with an iNEWS story. From this moment, all users can access the file from within the iNEWS story in a web-based UI.

As a result, iNEWS breaks out of its limitation of being a text-only database.

Hmedia Uplink integrates as an ActiveX control and stores the asset file access in a production queue in the same fashion as any other MOS plugin.

Alfresco Extensions

Custom Software Artifacts

We create the desired tools for you to support your workflow. Our favourite framework is Java-based Enterprise Web Applications. They are powerful, flexible, and you don’t need to install client-side software.