We shadow your daily procedures. We interview your team members. We collect all the different tools and data artifacts that play a role in your business processes. We list all your use cases for the various job roles.

After a week of investigating your processes, we create a schematic model of your current workflow. That acts as the basement for the following steps.


We identify weak points and overcomplicated steps in your daily work. We find alternative ways that are less complex, are more efficient or make the life of your employees easier.

We look for better tools, updated features, and simplified human tasks.

Feedback Loop

Following agile concepts, we keep in close touch with you. You don’t lose control over the entire process. We progress up to the final result in small iterations. So we avoid massive failures or misunderstandings, which could waste time or off-track the process.


A workflow is only as good as your employees recognize it. For a successful collaboration, it is essential to skill up the entire team. We improve their understanding of the whole workflow and their individual tasks.

We teach and practice new tools and help the team familiarize and understand the new design’s potential.

Go-Live Support

Finally, we don’t leave you alone when the time is come to start into the new future. We help you to straigthen potential little issues, glitches or hiccups.

And we celebrate with you the new way of work!