We assist you at all questions around your technology. Benefit from our long-time experience!

When dealing with new systems - no matter what business - you can't solve problems just with buying new boxes. It needs professional service. Only if the single components are tuned and customized, only if they are integrated in the big picture, in your global workflow, only then new systems can unleash their full power.

We deliver that integration and customization process for you:

As well as for our training offers we are not limited to media and broadcast - but this our native business.

Intensive work with journalists, editors, directors and own experience as TV journalists are the basement for our analyses and suggestions.

We x-ray your business organisation and check how the work of all departments match with your existing IT and production devices. On this basis we deliver modifications and changes for a more efficient and more robust workflow.

Time is money! Inefficient and traditional ways of work oftenly result in errors and inconsistencies and thus in higher effort.

Finally we assist you in the realisation of your new structure with system configuration and modification. Presentation, training and initial support complete our services.

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