at Hmedia. We are your partner for IT and Corporate Design. Get an overview on this website and feel free to send an email with your questions. We take time for your problems.

Our Services

IT is a huge business - too big for a small company as Hmedia. But we have partners and we'll assist you even if you require services not deliverd by us.

We are experts in:

  • Modeling and architecture of business processes with IT
  • Enterprise content management
  • Workflow analysis, consaltancy, installation and training
  • Software development with Java/Java EE
  • Enterprise web applications
  • Corporate design, realisiation for web, print, media

We are Avid Certified Instructors for Interplay PAM, iNEWS, iNEWS Command and other systems of Avid.

We are experts for Alfresco ECM. We used this system in many projects and products. We support the OpenSource community by own extensions and bug fixes for that software.

Our Clients


As you see we have clients around the world. We are looking forward to counting you amoung our customers!